24 - 25 March 2021


IFEMA Madrid

Why are you waiting to do business?

Are you a producer and do you need to open up new markets?

Are you a purchaser and are you looking for new designations of origin?

Do you have an oil mill, a packaging plant or a company dealing with olive oil and do you need to expand?

Looking forward to meeting you at the WOOE!

187 olive oil companies and more than 3,000 participants from 30 different countries did business throughout the last World Olive Oil Exhibition


The exhibitors’ profile:

  • Oil mills and olive oil marketing and packaging plants from across the world.
  • Producers who are seeking to open up new markets and export prospects.
  • Olive oil purchasers from across the globe.

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  • Every exhibitor will be assigned a space of 9 m2 (3x3 m.). The stands are identical in shape and size, so that everyone is on an equal footing when it comes to establishing business contacts with potential buyers.
  • Rate includes lighting, one socket, one exhibition desk dressed with a white tablecloth. (1.20 m. long x 0.75 m. deep x 1 m. height.), one lower table with two chairs, bread, plates and all the necessary materials for a professional oil-tasting service. Daily cleaning of the stand is included too.
  • * If you are interested in a corner, please check availability and conditions at info@oliveoilexhibition.com



9 m2

  • The WOOE TECH area is a transversal section that hosts service companies that work with olive oil in the following fields: machinery, adjuvants, plants, hoses, fertilizers...


Occupation by two companies

9 m2

  • Two companies may exhibit on the same Business Stand, each company being supplied with a separate exhibit table.

if you do not find what you are searching for, please register by marking “other options” and we will contact in order to find the solution that best suits your needs.

There's no better recommendation than a happy customer


We have participated in this fair since its beginning and we keep attending this event every year because we believe it is a place to connect with both producers and entrepreneurs in order to strengthen our business and, above all, it is crucial within the international stage. There is a large presence of international buyers from different countries and, ultimately, this fair gives us, the producers, a boost.

Lola Sagra
Lola Sagra Managing director of Nobleza del Sur olive oils

Turkey has been exporting olive oil to Spain and Italy for many years; and several key Spanish and Italian companies are also in contact with Turkish companies, but there are many leading companies operating with olive oil that are not in contact with Turkish producers, so we believe this exhibition is an excellent opportunity to promote our products. This exhibition is ideal for networking; the companies and organizations that come here, they establish contacts and they attend very wonderful conferences and amazing tasting sessions, which are essential to understand what is going on within the industry and to be able to reach the best decisions.

Mehmet Emre Uygun
Mehmet Emre Uygun Vice-president of Olive Oil Exporters’ Association of Turkey

The World Olive Oil Exhibition is evolving in a very exciting way; we follow the fair with interest and we are happy to see the number of countries that participate in it; we believe that it has a bright future ahead and we think that next year we will have even more activity within this fair, particularly being the 60th anniversary of the IOC.

Abdelatif Ghedira
Abdelatif Ghedira Executive Director of the International Olive Council.

Obviously, the US is a major marketplace for international imports of olive oil. I recommend brands to have a lot of patience, an excellent product, a fair right price and to have the financial means to stand the time that is required to bring stability to the brand in the market. I am honored to have been invited to speak here and to visit this amazing venue, I have wanted to visit the WOOE for many years and I’ve heard great things.

David Newman
David Newman Founder and director of EVOOGuide.com.

My first impression walking into the WOOE took me by surprise. After a long career within the sector, I can say that this is the mecca of olive oil shows; it is stunning to see how many producers of quality premium Spanish olive oil are reunited here in this exhibition; I am pleasantly impressed.

María Reyes
María Reyes Director of Category Management for KeHE Distributors in the US.
Trusted partners behind the WOOE


The sponsorship of the WOOE provides a unique occasion to enhance your visibility within the olive oil industry. The WOOE offers a limited number of potential sponsorships for companies of importance in the olive oil sector. If you are interested in learning about the different possibilities to participate as an WOOE’s sponsor, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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The main organiser of the World Olive Oil Exhibition is the spanish company POMONA KEEPERS, S.L. with the backing of the recently created bank GLOBALCAJA, and other partners, all linked by a common interest in marketing olive oil across the globe. The World Olive Oil Exhibition was born to pursue their goal of maintaining the world's area under olive oils as means of supporting a substantial rural population and enviroment protection.