Culinary demonstrations and delicatessen

Delicatessen products and culinary demonstrations are also at the core of the event.

For the fifth consecutive year, at the space reserved for the culinary demonstrations and the tastings, the chefs Francisco Piñeiro and Mark Wernink are in charge of revealing some of the keys of the cuisine with olive oil. To do so, they will create small bites live, always with the olive oil as the theme of their compositions.

The selection of the participating Delicatessen Products in 2015 is:



 Aceites García de La Cruz Beauty products y patés
 Aceites José Galán Goat cheese in olive oil
 Aceites Maeva Olive oils with essences and aerosols
 Aceites San JuanAOVE Caviar
 Aceites VizcantarPatés, jams and beauty products
 AgrolesBeauty products
 Almazara Ecológica IsulBeauty products
 Arbonaida Olive oil in powder
 ArotzFried mushrooms in AOVE
 ArteolivaGazpacho, salmorejo
 Bonilla a la vista Fries, fritters
 Caracoles Marin Milk snails in tomato sauce with AOVE
 Carnicas SanchezNatural slices of bacon
 Casa Daprisca AOVE condiment with orange, AOVE condiment with chocolate
 Casa Santoña Anchovies
 CaviaroliOlive oil bubblewraps
 Cecinas Pablo Cured meat
 Conservas AngelachuCanned food
 Conservas Daporta Hake spawns and sea urchins in AOVE
 Conservas de CambadosCanned food
 Conservas OrtizCanned food
 Conserveros ArtesanosCanned food
 Dehesa de MajazulCheeses
 Delicandi Pistachio pesto, patés
 Finca HostaletsAOVE with black and white truffle
 Garijo BaigorriFries
 IbsaCaramelized onion
 JacolivaBeauty products
 Jose LouPatés
 Josenea Tea
 Kel Rioja Chocolates
 La Chinata Beauty products, patés, etc.
 La MasrojanaOlives, flavored oils, patés
 La SahitaAOVE emulsions, chocolates, chocolate sips, chilli peppers
 La Tosta ArtesanaArtisan bread cakes
 Lujo del paladarAjobacalao
 MallafreAromatized oils
 Mar-tretEscalibada, romesco sauce, etc.
 MonvaAOVE for childhood
 Mykes gourmetAromatized oils, cheese in olive oil with black truffle
 Oleicola San FranciscoChocolates, beauty products
 OlicatessenAromatized oils, paté, sweet oil sauce
 Oro del Desierto Patés
 OrpaguSwordfish loins in olive oil
 Pan de ValladolidGarlic soup
 Páramo de GuzmanCheese
 Pastelerías CeresCupcakes, fried bread rolls
 Pesasur Canned food
 Petra Mora AOVE seaweed salad
 Quesos Don ApolonioCheeses
 Quesos El Pastor Cheese
 San NicasioFries
 Señorios de RelleuMediterranean sauce
 Tortas Gaviño Tortas de aceite
 Tortas Inés Rosales Olive cakes
 Un Olivo Olive caviar
 Valle SaladoArbequina salt
 Verde Esmeralda AOVE untable





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