Culinary demonstrations and delicatessen

Delicatessen products and culinary demonstrations were also at the core of the event for large volumes of olive oil. The selection of the participating delicatessen products was:

La Chinata (chocolates, beauty products, pâtés, olives, etc.); Viena V (chocolates); Quesos Entrepinares (cheeses); Quesos Pastor (cheeses); Grupo Frinsa (canned food); Pan de Valladolid (garlic soups); Patatas fritas San Nicasio (potato crisps); Patatas Meléndez (fresh potatoes and crisps); Patatas de Alva (potato crisps); Conservas Ortiz (canned food); Olicatessen (olives, olive spreads, sweet olive oil sauce, soaps made from oils, aromatic oils, etc.); Mallafré (aromatic oils); Patatas Añavieja (potato chips); Oro del Desierto (pâtés); Sal de Arbequina de Marqués de Riscal (salt); La lata de Braulio (canned food); Caviaroli (caviar); Olasagasti (bonito); Pesasur (mackerel); Ibsa (caramelized onion); La Masjorana (olives, pâtés, flavor oils); Jacoliva (beauty products); Salud Geoambiental (tea); La Cabra Verde (goat cheese); La Molienda Verde (pâtés, sun-dried tomatoes); García de la Cruz (beauty products) and Jose Lou (pâtés and jams); Agroles; Arotz; Santa Teresa; Quesos artesanos Valle (cheeses); Quesos de Manuela (cheeses); Quesos El  Hidalgo (cheeses); Orpagu Gourmet; Arbonaida; Molino de Zafra; Pan de Cruz and Bonilla a la Vista.


For the second consecutive year, at the space reserved for the culinary demonstrations and the tastings, the chefs Francisco Piñeiro and Eloy Cancela were in charge of revealing some of the keys of the cuisine with olive oil. To do so, they created small bites live, always with the olive oil as the theme of their compositions.


Here is a sample of the delicacies that were tasted by attendees during those two days at the World Olive Oil Exhibition:

-Smoked corn cream with mussels and olive oil.
-Toasts with creams of textured olive oils.
-Tasting of natural little tomatoes with a variety of olive oils. 
-Tuna macerated in olive oil and honey
-Beef tataki with infusion of olive oil.
-Large strawberries macerated in “pepper and flowers air”
-Liquid olive oil chocolates.



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