By purchasing, in whatever form, the WOOE ticket you agree to be bound by the following conditions regarding ticket sales and entry requirements to the premises.

    1.1. The ticket for the WOOE is a “security bond”, in accordance with current legislation.1.2. The Ticket for the WOOE: grants the right to access the premises as from 10:00 until 18:00 on the first day and until 17:00 on the last day. The schedules described above may be modified by the organizers if required, and in these cases the new schedules will be duly communicated on the WOOE website. .

    1.3. Once the ticket has been purchased, it cannot be exchanged nor refunded, the purchase being firm and unconditional, except in the case of cancelation or a date change by the WOOE.

    1.4. In order to have full effectiveness and the rights hereby mentioned, the ticket must be entire and in suitable conditions.

    1.5. The ticket has security measures that enable its authenticity to be guaranteed.

    1.6. The event’s organizers will not be responsible for tickets that have not been purchased at the official selling points.

    1.7. All modified or broken tickets, or with signs of falsification or counterfeiting, authorizes the WOOE organizers to deprive the holder from accessing the premises; this is without prejudice to the right to take the appropriate legal action against the alleged counterfeiters of the tickets.

    1.8. The possession of the Ticket does not confer any entitlement to the holder or to third parties to use it, nor its content, for advertising, marketing or promotional purposes (including but not limited to contests, gifts or draws) associated to the ticket holder or to third parties. A breach of compliance on this point will lead to the advertiser and/or the non-authorized user to provide compensation for all resulting damages. In such cases, the ticket will be cancelled with immediate effect.

    2.1. The ticket must be presented on entering the premises.2.2. In the case the purchaser is not the beneficiary of the ticket; he or she must present the following documents upon entry:

    1. i) A printed copy of the e-mail of purchase
    2. ii) Written authorization by the purchaser that states the person who collects the tickets is permitted to do so, as well as a photocopy of the purchaser’s National Identity Card, passport or residence card.

    iii) National Identity Card, passport or residence card of the person who collects the tickets.

    3.1. The Organizer reserves the right to alter, modify or suspend the activities’ program for the WOOE, at any given moment.3.2. In case of the complete cancelation of the event, the Organizer shall refund the total amount of the ticket. In case of cancelation, the refund can be made by the Organizer within a period of fifteen days following the date of the public announcement of the cancelation. In the case of refund, the distribution cost that the sales channels add to the price of the ticket, will not be refunded by the Organizer under no circumstance since the Organizer is not receiving such amount and the provision of this service is executed at the time of the purchase of the ticket.

    3.3. If any of the events are cancelled after more than half way through its duration, there will be no possible refund.

    3.4. The cancelation of the WOOE, in whole or in part, on grounds of force majeure will in any case lead to the refund of the ticket amount.

    4.1. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse admission to the WOOE.4.2. Under 18 year olds, if not accompanied by an adult, cannot access nor remain on the premises. Therefore, as it is physically impossible to request identification to all the attendees of the WOOE, the organizers will not be held responsible for children under 18 years old on the premises infringing this prohibition.

    4.3. To access the rooms where the different activities take place, objects that are considered dangerous by the organizers or that are prohibited by the current regulations are forbidden; in addition, photographic cameras, video cameras or recorders, whether they are professionals or of any other nature cannot be brought into the rooms mentioned above. In the case that any person from the public is discovered recording or filming the activities carried out at WOOE using any kind of device he or she will be removed from the premises. For organizational, hygiene and safety reasons nor food nor beverages can be brought onto the premises of the WOOE. The WOOE has diverse food and drink stalls and with sufficient variety and information on prices.

    4.4. The organizers can refuse access or remove from the premises all those individuals from the premises who: (i) may or have provoked conflictive or dangerous situations, riots, disturbances or similar behaviors; (ii) may or have impeded the normal course of the events; (iii) carry drugs or are, according to the organizer’s criterion, in apparent or potential states of intoxication; and, in any case, (iv) do not follow the instructions established by the organizers at any given moment.

    4.5. In none of the aforementioned cases the Organizers will refund the ticket amount to those individuals who have been denied access or who have been expelled from any of the sites of the WOOE.

    5.1. All image and intellectual property rights directly or indirectly resulting from the activities, tasting sessions, presentations or any other performance carried out during the WOOE are reserved. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden the capturing, filming or recording of sounds or images without the prior written consent by the Organizer. It is, therefore, forbidden to bring photographic or video cameras and/or recording devices of any kind, as well as any object that the organizers deem dangerous in the context of the event (pyrotechnics, guns, bottles, glass objects, laser pointers, etc.).5.2. The ticket or entry-bracelet holder who accesses the premises of the WOOE expressly and unequivocally consents and authorizes his or her image and voice to be captured using different formats during the course of the said event and subsequently can be divulged by the Organizer or an authorized third party in any form of media for promotional and/or commercial purposes of the WOOE.
    The Organizer is entitled to take any legal action —both civil and/or criminal— that are deemed appropriate against the causers for attempting to commit fraud, break-in and/or for damages directly or indirectly caused to the organizer. General information clause for complying with article 10 of the Law 34/2002 of Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce